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Kratos ROV boasts advanced capabilities and specialized features for underwater exploration. With a state of-the-art vision system, lightweight design, and two grippers for versatile object manipulation, it offers precise navigation and handling in diverse marine environments. Propelled by six thrusters and equipped with a custom-printed circuit board, Kratos ensures seamless movement and reliable performance for extended missions.


Vortex, founded in 2022 and mentored by Vortex Academy, is committed to developing an ROV that meets stringent
and standards while addressing global environmental concerns. With a team of 23 dedicated middle and high school students, the company has invested months in learning, planning, designing, testing, and refining our ROV to ensure it's viability.

Vortex™ is an Egyptian company for underwater technologies and marine services which provide and develop products, services and training related to ROV field of technology targeting the Middle East and North Africa regions. The company was initiated when a team of ambitious engineering students participated in ROV competitions 2014 & 2015 which stimulated their interest in the marine technology and decided to start an initiative, tackle the difficulties and start their own marine service company in 2016. We aim to enhance technological advancements, in marine field, encourage product innovation, reach customer satisfaction and be recognized for operational excellence. We aim to provide services and training for all technologies related to underwater Robotics and marine affairs with high efficiency, durability and best performance. As a continue to our role as a premier manufacturer of specialized ROVs, marine accessories and services.

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